You have a StormTrooper

You Add the Pauldron

You Get The SandTrooper

Sorry But "No"



There are a significant number of differences between sandtroopers and stormtroopers.

To better understand these differences, one needs to understand why they are different.

Doing so, takes us back to March 22, 1976, when principal photography for Star Wars began.

Filming began in Tozeur, Tunisia which was the location where many of the Tattooine scenes were filmed, including most of the sandtrooper scenes.

Although stormtroopers are the first to be seen on screen, sandtroopers were the first to be created and filmed.

With that in mind, a sandtrooper should be considered as a rough sketch or an artist’s first rendition -- an unrefined product.

While it initially appears that sandtroopers have more details than the regular stormtrooper, those additions are simply window dressing.

The base armor of the sandtrooper actually lacks a number of details found on the stormtrooper.

Without the pauldron and backpack, and pouches the sandtroopers are lackluster and rough around the edges.

A number of details were added to the stormtrooper armor to give it more visual emphasis. Note that nothing was removed from the basic sandtrooper armor.

Instead details were added or replaced, as if the original armor was not satisfactory.

The additions / replacemnets are listed below.



SandTrooer Left Side / StormTrooper Right Side.

A number of thin, black stripes were added to the trapezoids on the back of the stormtrooper helmet. The sandtrooper helmet lacks these stripes.



A number of thin, black stripes were added to the “tear drops” just below the eyes of the stormtrooper helmet. The sandtrooper helmet lacks these stripes.



Vaccuformed ribbed straps were added over the shoulder of the stormtrooper armor to help hide the connection of the chest and back plate. The sandtrooper lacks these ribbed straps.



A detailed rectangular belly plate with dark colored buttons was affixed over the blank belly detail of the stormtrooper armor. The sandtrooper armor lacks this detailed plate. Additionally, the strip of buttons on the left side of the stormtrooper's belly were painted. The sandtrooper's buttons are unpainted.



Rectangular drop boxes were added to the stormtrooper armor, presumably to cover the large expanse of the black body suit where the thigh armor meets the torso armor. While the sandtrooper has an MP-40 pouch attached to each side of his belt, this is an accessory and not truly part of the base armor. The sandtrooper lacks drop boxes.



A canister was added to the back of the stormtrooper's belt. Components of the canister are seen on the sandtrooper backpack but the sandtrooper armor lacks an actual canister.




The stormtrooper armor has a highly detailed half diamond kneeplate that wraps around the shin guard. While the sandtrooper has diamond shaped "sniper" kneeplate, it lacks the detail of the kneeplate seen on the stormtrooper.



The pauldron worn by sandtroopers is often referred to as a “shoulder pauldron.” A pauldron is a piece of armor covering the shoulder at the junction of the body piece and arm piece.

** This, obviously, does not include the sandtrooper scenes filmed for the Special Edition of Star Wars. Those scenes were filmed in Yuma, Arizona. Additionally, the alleyway and Docking Bay 94 scenes were filmed on a sound stage in the UK.

This detail was discovered by Dave Gielda (CRPROPS).


These are some pictures of the Starwars IV "A NEW HOPE" Wide Screen the Digitally Mastered Version


Look close you will see drop boxes On the SandTroopers In the Pictures.


What else do you not see in this picture? They must get tired of holding the E-11's because they have no Holsters to put them in ??


No Ammo pouch but has Drop boxes the Trooper in the Front, the Trooper in the Back does not have anything ????

Yes, Looks like those are Drop Boxes on this Trooper but has no Ammo Pouches either.


Never Noticed that before, I Love These Movies and Always will.