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So Build Your Own, Then take pictures of it and show this is what you made.


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This site Contains Lots Of StarWars Information.

For Making, Modifying, Do it your self, How to and Where to find Fan Made StarWars Props.
Also where to get the Black Body suit, Gloves, Pauldrons, Boots, Holsters and Much More.


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For more Information on the AP Helmets & Armor Click on the Link Above.



For more Information on the TE2 Helmets & Armor Click on the Link Above.

Note: ( No Longer Being Made)



For more Information on the AM Armor & AM StealthTrooper Armor Click on the Link Above.

Note: (No Longer Being Made in the US)


For more Information on the FX Armor & Helmet Click on the Link Above.

Note: (No Longer Being Made in the US)



For more Information on SDS Armor click on the Link Above.

Note: (Can Not Be Shipped to the US)


For Information on a SandTrooper and where to get a BackPack etc. Click on the Link. Above



For Information On The Tusken Raider Mask & Costume Click on the Link Above.



For Information on The Female Tusken Raider Mask & Costume Click On the Link Above.



For Information on How To Make Your Own Jawa's Costume Click on the Link Above.



For More Information On Where to get you an Ewok and Other Ewoks Characters Click on the Link Above.



For Information On Darth Vader Parts, etc. Click on the Link Above.



For More Information On where to get a a Dart Vader Helmet, Chest armor, etc.

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For Information on where to get a Imperial Tie Fighter Helmet, Armor and Accessories just click on the Llink Above.



For More Information on where to get a Imperial Biker Scout, Helmet, Armor and Costume just Click On Link Above.




For Information on Cooling Fans, Voice Amps/ Static Burts Systems, Lenes and More. Click on the Llink Above.



For Information on NeckSeals, BlackBody Suits, Gloves, Boots, E-11 Holsters, Pauldron and More etc.Click on the Link Above.



For Information on Helmet Decals or Logos. Click on the Link Above.



For Information On How to Build your StormTrooper Kit & SandTrooper Ammo Pouches. Click on the Link Above.



For Information On Where to get your Own Finished E-11 Blaster. Click on the Link Above.



The Combat Lightsaber Specialists, Where you can custom build your own real lightsaber.

Click on the Link Above.

Filling the hobbyists need for organizing and displaying.

Looking For a Beautyful Display Stands, Plaques for your Star Wars Models, etc.

"Where I go to get all My display stands you can see them On My Photo Album Page"



This is Where to get a Custom made Aluminum Plaques Made and they look Fantastic!

"Where I go to get all My Custom Made Metal Plaques you can see them On My Photo Album Page"



Custom Made LED Signs

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This Page is for IRON MAN Helmets, Busts, etc

Props that are Non- StarWars



To Join The 501st Once you have Finished Your Costume. Click On The Link Above.



You Can Join Me In The

501st Legion


Since 1997, the costuming organization known as the 501st Legion has spread the magic of the Star Wars genre worldwide through its authentic-looking costumes, and has become the leading force in fan-based charity events. The 501st, also known as “Vader’s First,” is truly dedicated to brightening the lives of those less-fortunate.


For More Info on How to and Where to get Fan Made Star Wars Props email me :

These  Props are Fantastic for Halloween , Christmas, New Years Eve & Other Events !!!!! 




Emperor Palpatine Bust


" Return Of The Jedi"


The Raw Casting for Sale.

It will be a light weight casting of Easy-Flo 120 resin and can be sanded and painted the way you want.




If interested I will take Pre-Ordersto get one must make a deposit.

"Raw Cast Only"

Contact me at:




Finished Emperor Palpatine Bust






The size of the cast is around 21" high, 19" Long at the base and 8-1/2" wide at the base.

Comes with Outer Robe / Hood, But needs Ironed and starched to the desired shape.

Also comes with a Plaque see picture above.

NO Stand.

This Would Be A Great Addition to your Star Wars Collection.


Contact me at:





Not all the StormTrooper Armor Makers are Still Making Armor so Most of the Armor is hard to find most are used not New.

Info Note:

This is My Site and Contains MY Own Opinion so If anyone Objects - Sorry!
"This is the way I see it."
I do like most all of the Armor being made and find it every place on the Net.
Some are Trimmed and need no paint most are made of ABS from a .060 , .080 and .090 gauge thickness, Now the thicker it is does not mean it is better. The thicker it is the less detail will show and the fine line detail is what is best. Also the thicker it is does not mean it will not crack on you but it will take more time before it does unless you step on it the wrong way. This all determines how you treat it.
The ANH (AP) Armor uses the best of both a .080 gauge but still shows good detail.You still have to trim it but you don't sand and paint it.
Now some other type of material used is High Impact Poly Styrene around a .090 gauge this is like what they used in the Original StormTrooper Suit in 1977, but this is more work it needs trimming, sanding, and painting. I know of few around but is Highly Praised and Sought after for it's Movie Accuracy.
This Armor is in a category by it's self. You Have to Be a Hard Core  Starwars Movie Fan to want this. (Like Me).

The Best Movie Accurate StormTrooper Armor is the TE2

 You can find it and it is 100% movie accurate, Sought after by many collectors for its accuracy both the SandTrooper and StormTrooper. It is made of 0.090 gauge high impact polystyrene (HIPS) plastic almost holds up as well as the ABS Plastic it requires refinishing and repair more often than other types this is after several years of use. But no where will you find a more movie accurate set unless you purchased the Real one in an auction. The StormTrooper And SandTrooper looks Fantastic when you do them the right way. It is Best Of the Best when it come to a Real Accurate StormTrooper or SandTrooper. All made slow and one whole set at a time not mass produced. But this set is not for everone don't expect it to come looking Like the FX or AP kit you have to work at this one. read info below about the Makers Or Former Makers.

This Armor is for All Hard Core Starwars Fans (like me).


The  Best Of The Best is the StormTrooper AP Armor : 

This is ANH Type Armor, I have a Set and Love it.... Almost 100% movie accurate and the closest thing you may find around to being accurate. Made Of Glossy White .80 gauge ABS Plastic. And Great for extended wear for Trooping. The Quality is Very Nice Indeed. I have a sets my self .This is the only thing I will troop in.

If you don't want to settle for less than go with one of the Best StormTrooper AP Armor .


 The Next Best Made StormTrooper Armor is the the StormTrooper FX/AFX Armor

The FX is in a different category by it's self a "NON-Movie Accurate type of Armor I also have a Set Of this Armor too. And Love this one, you ask why ? The Fan that made it is the Best at it and I have had no problems putting it together. Yes it is not movie accurate but it costs less than some of the more movie accurate armor. And If you have never put a set of Armor together best to start with the AFX/FX. If you only use the Prop once a year than this is what you need. It will "WOW" a lot of people, I love my set.

But like most I want a set of Movie Accurate Armor and wanted as close as I can get to owning the same armor they used in the Movies.


You will also find a lot of hacks that sell armor on the net that copy other peoples work and try to pass it off as what they made, but the list below is where it all came from.

If It is not what One Of the TOP 7 Makers Produced Don't BUY IT !!!!


Now when I can find and Get the Rest on the List Below It may Change But for now this is it.


Info Note:

Not all the StormTrooper Armor Makers are Still Making Armor so Most of the Armor is hard to find most are used not New.

  Makers & Former Makers of the StormTrooper  Armor

1) TE/TE2 (aka Trooper Expert), - (Not Being Made at this time)

This is where original, screen accurate armor and helmets supposedly originated.TE2 Armor is fabricated using .090 gauge high impact polystyrene (HIPS) plastic.
TE2 Armor must be trimmed, sanded, and painted. (The original armor was painted.) Skill, knowledge, and experience with plastic armor are definitely considerations when purchasing TE2 Armor.
On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the most difficult, I would rate TE2 Armor as 9.0. I would
rate my experience with FX Armor as 7.0.
TE2 body armor is shipped in either TK or TD configuration only.
TE2 helmets can be purchased separately.

*As before, the buckets must be sanded, painted, and finished.  I always recommend Hovi Mix mic tips by Keith.
( This is a Collectors Dream 100% Fantastic........)
2) Gino - Another armor maker who claims to have the original molds. He makes 2 version of helmets the Bumpy Cap and a Smooth cap. Some of the Most accurate helmets ever made, vastly superior in accuracy.

3) AP - This armor originated under the GF name, which originated as copies of TE's (or Gino's?) molds. Made of White Glossy .080 Guage ABS Plastic. This one is called ANH (AP) Armor (ABS)
This High Quality armors are made to order to the Highest Quality Standards and not mass produced and hard to find.
A True Fan who knows how to do it right and this Armor is for a person who wants a Accurate set and will not settle for less. I know I am one of them. My set has just Blown people away. I use it for Trooping all the time. Best I have seen yet.
(I have a set of the White Glossy AP Armor

4) RT-Mod - Fan made armor with a very good likeness to the original ANH style.

5)  FX/GT - The most common armor available, all over ebay and resold on numerous web sites. Looks good for what it is, which is a fan sculpt but not 100 % accurate. Over 90% of all 501st members wear this type of armor. The helmet is 15% larger than the original Screen Helmet. Made of White Glossy .090 Guage ABS Plastic. And they also make a Extremely Expensive Black Glossy.090 Guage ABS Plastic StormTrooper Armor.One of the Best of the Best Makes this type.A Big TK Thanks to the Makers ! They Do a Fantastic Job !!!!!!!

( I have a set Of this Armor too. This was my 1st set.)

6)  AA/SDS - Original Maker-Andrew Ainworth of Shepperton Design Studios, the man who made all the original Stormtrooper molds.If you want the Best than don't settle for Less. Now that's if you can afford it. It comes ready to wear. Looks Fantastic....

Info Note: This maker was sued by Lucas film Ltd. And from what I know is no longer making armor in the US. This is all public Information nothing new. You can find all this info on the internet. To Bad I wanted a set of this too.


7) ATA - (Affordable Trooper Armor) Many questions For this new armor maker. Looks like TE2 arnor and helmet but made of ABS ?....More Info to come........


 8) TM - (Trooper Master)
A 100% fan sculpt but probably the most accurate armor in the world (for not having been recast from screen-used items). No I have not seen any of his work yet so I will have to take TK1536's word on that. Maybe get more info on it with pictures. "This may have to be a Future Build" Had contact with him very helpful and easy to work with.


 Thanks Go Out to TK1536 for some of the above Info.


Tk1336 Info:

This info may help when looking for Good Armor. The thicker sometimes less detail will show and is not as sharp looking and is heavy. Now I said Sometimes, not all Armor is made of ABS. The best is not always ABS plastic. Do read this whole page you will understand. The #1 Armor is not made of ABS but shows lots of detail and is lighter than the ABS version. "Wow" That's Cool....

0.060=1.5mm (SDS Armor)

0.080=2.0mm (AP Armor)

0.090 =2.25mm (TE2 & FX Armor and Some junk on Ebay)


0.120=3.0mm (Most junk on Ebay & MFX Armor)

That is the guage in inches to millimeters.


This site is in no way sponsored or endorsed by: George Lucas, Lucas film Ltd., Lucas Arts Entertainment Co., or any affiliates.
Star Wars and all its characters are © and TM Lucas film Ltd. We are all just Fans.    





* Some Other Info For People looking for Armor On Ebay*

Please Read.

Also if you see a kit that cost less than $500.00 it is junk............

and in some cases as you will see above $600 to $1000

Now For the So call Costume Junk (Fancy Dress) I see On Ebay and some made by people who just don't have a clue, when you sell the stuff on Ebay make sure you are wearing the thighs and shins on the right legs it may help sell it. I go on ebay from time to time and all I can say is what some people will do. Please Look at it Very Close have them send you a better Picture than what they use on Ebay. If it Looks to Good to be true then maybe it's not. But If you are Looking For Cheep...... By all means get it, if you want to settle for a close 2nd go for it, you will never know what a good set of armor looks like. But you always get what you pay for. I had a few people who came to me upset at what they payed for on ebay and got it and was just junk. Remember slave labor makes a lot of stuff found on the net when it comes from Overseas. Try to buy in the US. So you buyers beware not every body will deal fare with you. Ask around , look close, ask questions about what you are getting, don't settle for junk.

After All Use Common Sense..........

If you need help just ask.

Thank You.

These are my words and info, it is my web site not ebays.






Have you ever Dreamed of owning a real StormTrooper Suit?

And be a member of the 501st Legion


Well now you can. Just check this site out.





This the AP Armor and Helmet.


The Authentic Props (AP) Armor with Helmet













Info Note:

The listed armor being shown below is for "comparative" purposes only. ( AP -vs- FX/GT)

AP - VS - FX/GT 


The AP Helmet kit comes trimmed and ready to assemble but in this picture it shows a helmet not trimmed.
In the Full AP Armor kit only the Helmet is not trimmed like in this picture.



The FX/GT Helmet kit comes Fully trimmed and ready to assemble.



For Some that want to see the Difference between the AP -VS- FX/GT Helmets (Buckets)

 I have added these pictures. The FX/GT Helmet (Bucket) is 15% larger.

These are 2 finished Helmets left the FX and the right AP.



News Info

Rubies Inc. and Windlass Studios are supposedly going to start selling SUPER DELUXE Stormtrooper armor in late 2008.

 Is this good ???

Well I have Found the StormTrooper Armor costume they make .... All I can say is @# %^* # * $!/#@!!!!!

As you can see below The Quality Not at all good, But this is my opinion you can judge for your self.

To me what are they thinking ? They have a Great opportunity and now looks like the fell flat on their so called bucket...........

Rubies Redefines "Supreme"

Web site :

More dreadful shots of the Rubies Supreme Stormtrooper costume are surfacing. Here's one from Celebration Japan which shows that you, too, can have an Imperial mannequin that does "The Robot" for the price of 90,000 yen ($837 USD):

An out-of-costume 501st member approached the Rubies booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2008 and had an interesting conversation with a sales associate:


The Rubies guy actually told an interested party ahead of me that the armor they see on most people costs $4k to complete and this is licensed and only $1k. When I came up, he answered some assembly questions (mostly velcro and elastic) and told me that most other suits run $6k to complete and this is only $1k. He asked if I'd seen the other suits, I replied politely that I have one, he hesitated and asked me how much it cost to complete, I told him about $800. He said well, considering the work it must have required, the two are about the same.

And here's some shots from Comic-Con (where the sales price is shown as $1000 US):

Among the costuming community, there is great disappointment in the quality. Among the 501st, there is great concern that newcomers may believe that a set of armor like this is acceptable for Legion membership and unwisely drop $1000 in "off the shelf" armor. While no official statement has been released, I feel confident in telling potential 501st recruits that the general consensus is that the Rubies Supreme Stormtrooper is not eligible without considerable modification. Furthermore, the Rubies armor does not come with boots, blaster, neck seal, and other components which are needed to complete the costume. Trust me when I tell you that you can find a more complete and more accurate set of Stormtrooper armor for less money. And Museum Replicas is going to unveil their take on Stormtrooper armor at The Dragon Con 2008

As reported by, the short-lived Limited Edition Master Replicas Stormtrooper helmet will once again be available through new licensee EFX Collectibles. When Master Replicas somewhat unexpectedly ended their Lucas film license to produce Star Wars items, they apparently short-changed quite a few collectors who had pre-ordered the helmets. eFX will be making good on some of those orders with an edition size of 500 new helmets, but with a new display stand and base. I assume this is a good thing if you were one of those who paid for product you never received, but honestly, you can get a better helmet for much less than $399 US through underground channels. What the true fans really want to see is an American release of the MR Collectors Edition Stormtrooper helmet which is a great alternative for the FX kit helmet at a budget-conscious price. You can visit the eFX site and sign up for e-mail updates for future products. And be sure to visit for a great review of the LE helmet (MR version).

Web site :


You Can Also Find It At:

Click On picture it will take you to the Link and like I said Poor Quality..........


Thanks Go Out to TK899 For the Pictures and News Info Above ...........




Museum Replicas TK Prototype

New Original Trilogy Stormtrooper Armor this past week at San Diego Comic-Con 2010.

Parts of the armor like the one-piece molded right knee and ammo belt or the grommets in the webbing belt or even the lack of a separating strip down the backs of the calf armor the strang looking abdomen buttons and the lack of sharpness on many of parts. Again just what are they thinking this is the prototype "Dude!"


Go Back and redue all of it.

Most of the Collectors, Fans will just not settle for a bunch of junk.

They maybe "Officially Licensed by Lucasfilm" but so far that has not helped them to due it right.

The armor isn't set for release until 2011 and there maybe changes and improvements, lets hope so.

If they would go back to the basics may help but sure wouldn't hurt.

Thanks Go Out to TK899 For the Pictures





Submit your StormTrooper Photos to me to be posted on

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StormTrooper Photo Page


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